Introducing Argos Yachts

Welcome to Argos Yachts, a truly revolutionary yacht series. Featuring a breakthrough design combining seaworthiness and performance, this series is an entirely new and un-compromised motor yacht experience, designed and built to overcome accepted trade-offs. The result: style, performance and trans-oceanic range, reliability and safety.

The rare art of world-class craftsmanship can be found throughout every detail on an Argos, each of which is custom-tailored exclusively for her owner. We liken each Argos to a beautiful symphony, with every nuance adding to your yacht’s individuality. Our designs, featuring the highest quality wood, marble, leather and fittings, are capable of transporting you to another world, a unique place of your own design, where you can get closer to the pan-oceanic adventure, each journey more memorable than the last.

The concept and design of the Argos Yachts series was carried out by the company’s internal design team, with naval architecture led by internationally renowned architect, Howard Apollonio. Established in 2006, the company prides itself on crafting only the highest quality vessels. The Argos Series is quite simply one of a kind; the explorer’s performance yacht.

Argos yachts are crafted under a limited-production guarantee, a first for the luxury yacht industry. Only three hulls across the entire series will be built each year, providing owners with the utmost distinction in ownership and superior investment value.

The semi-custom series is available in 70 to 100 feet and on a custom basis from 105 to 145 feet.