Hybrid Hull: Ultimate Speed, Range, and Comfort

We know that Argos adventurers spend a lot of time on their yachts. That’s why we’ve turned each interior into a home away from home. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to enjoy unparalleled luxury and comfort while still commanding a yacht capable of taking you to the four corners of the earth. This is an uncompromising yacht for uncompromising people.

Rugged, durable, providing the best in speed and comfort, the Argos hybrid hull is a miracle of modern design. Engineered for performance, painstaking efforts were made to develop the world’s first true hybrid hull shape to provide high speed while maintaining displacement-hull efficiency, giving the Argos the ability to conquer rough Gulf Stream seas while still providing a smooth, soft ride.

Argos yachts provides speed and comfort previously unmanageable. Their sharp bows cut like a knife in head seas and smoothly diffuse the impact of quartering seas along soft chines. Roll is minimized in beam seas by the low center of gravity which, in unison with the hull-protective keel maintains a rock-steady course without wallowing in following seas

The Argos Yachts series rides on a superior, purpose engineered hull for the perfect balance of efficient, high performance, offshore expeditions. She’s designed to be brilliant and quite simply, is supreme in her class.