Glasair’s Sportman Float Plane Perfect Partner for Tricon’s Argos Gulfstream Yacht

Palm Beach, Florida, February 18, 2010 – Tricon Marine’s luxurious 92-foot (28-meter) Argos Gulfstream yacht (“Argos G92”) is transporting one of the world’s most exclusive tenders – a four-seat float plane – on its sprawling sun deck.

Styled for fun and built to conquer, the Argos Gulfstream series boasts multipurpose split-level sun decks measuring over 800 square feet (75 square meters).  These inviting social areas can be used for everything from housing airplanes to entertaining large groups of 50 or more.

“Visitors to the recent Miami Yacht and Brokerage show said it was a winning combination to load a Glasair Sportsman plane on the huge Argos sun deck,” said Christos Livadas, Chairman and CEO of Tricon Marine.  “The Sportsman is without a doubt the best match for our $6-million luxury yacht.  A rugged performance plane, it is a wonderful way for yacht owners to have fun and satisfy his or her sense of adventure.  It also truly emphasizes the amenities available on the Argos which have never before been offered in yachts of similar size and class.”

Available in 80-foot to 120-foot (24.5- to 37-meter) models, the Argos Gulfstream is the only motor yacht under 120 feet with an upper-deck master stateroom.  Positioned amidship and high above deck, the sumptuous and spacious SkySuite™ offers 270-degree panoramic views and provides her owner with unsurpassed privacy, quiet and comfort.

The Sportsman
Outperforming every other aircraft in its class, the Sportsman is the latest addition to the extremely popular Glasair family of aircraft.  It has a nearly 1,000-pound useful load, and, with two pilots and full fuel, can haul over 300 pounds of gear, cargo, or extra passengers while cruising at a top speed of 186 mph.  The four-seat plane will easily handle all of the bulky items you never thought you’d take with you in your airplane – golf clubs, 9’ fishing rods and reels, folding tables, chairs, backpacks, and all kinds of camping, hiking and scuba gear.  With all of this onboard, the Sportsman can cover 600 miles in four hours and still have a half-hour fuel reserve.

Glasair revolutionized the aviation industry when it introduced its Two Weeks to Taxi program in 2006, enabling customers to come to the company’s headquarters in Arlington, WA and work with factory mechanics to build their Sportsman in just two weeks.

“It’s great to see Tricon Marine finding an exciting new use for the Sportsman,” says Mikael Via, Glasair’s Chief Executive Officer.  “The Argos Gulfstream and the Sportsman are made for each other!”

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About the Argos Gulfstream
The Argos Gulfstream is an entirely new and uncompromised motor yacht experience, designed and built to overcome accepted trade-offs. The result: style, performance and trans-oceanic range, reliability and safety.  Additional information about the Argos Gulfstream series of yachts is available at

About Tricon Marine
Tricon Marine ( is a 100% Euro-American shipyard that has set new global standards in design and build, representing a new era of quality craftsmanship in the luxury yacht industry. The company’s team of seasoned boat builders has over half a century of combined experience and is renowned for exceeding customer expectations.  Tricon is the exclusive builder of the Argos and NISI semi-custom, limited-edition series of luxury, offshore performance yachts.

About Glasair Aviation
Glasair Aviation ( was founded in 1980 and is now one of the largest, most well-established aircraft manufacturers in the world, with more than 3,000 kits in the field and some 1,700 aircraft flying in countries around the world.

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